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Momo RSVP alert

19 February 2009
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Comments (6)

  1. […] your status to YES in Meetup after the RSVPs are released. We tend to run out of RSVPs quickly. Sign up for the RSVP Alert if you want to receive a SMS reminder for the RSVP […]

  2. My partner Martijn Kroon and I’d like to join.



  3. I would like to attend the Mobile Monday of March 29th. Can you put me on the list please? I have also enrolled in the RSVP alarm.



  4. […] help you remind the RSVP release, CM offers a SMS service to notify you in time (subscribe/read more). Remember: Mobile Monday is free to attend, but an RSVP is […]

  5. […] MoMoAms RSVP alert and you will be notified by SMS 5 minutes before the RSVP registration opens! Sign up here. posted by Maarten den Braber | tags: alert, announcement, momo16, rsvp, sms, wekker, wildcard | […]

  6. […] to miss the RSVP release: set an alarm on your mobile, or subscribe for the RSVP-reminder by SMS (check it out here). Bad luck in the first round? No worries, the final batch of seats are released on Monday, August […]

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