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Wanted: talented graphic designer

15 September 2008

UPDATE: Thanks for all the reactions! We are very happy to have Andreas Gerolemou as our graphic designer.

Are you a talented graphic designer with some spare time on your hands? Are you looking for an audience for your skills?

Frank ChimeroGraphic: Frank Chimero (check this flickr set for more inspirational design candy)

We are looking for a designer who can’t wait to take care of our graphic work: A larger project consisting out of the redesign our blog template, and a few small tasks including the design of flyers for each event, make a bumper for our event video’s, etc.

We offer a truckload of whuffie, full design credits and exposure to our community (great for building your business!). As we do this in our spare time too, we don’t expect you to work overnight, half a day per week would do. After all, passion is what drives you, right?

Are you interested in taking this job or do you know anyone who would be? Let us know in the comments or email me: sam at mobilemonday dot nl (please share some of your previous work). We can’t wait to see your creative skills!

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Comments (11)

  1. […] Monday zoekt een getalenteerde designer voor al hun grafische werkzaamheden. Het zal gaan om het maken van website designs, flyers en korte video […]

  2. Good morning,
    my name is Teresa, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, I’m in Amsterdam and I will leave for The Netherlands looking for a new job.

    I believe that my personality and my way of life can get along very well with the dutch people.
    I think that Holland will give me a lot of opportunities for my career, i like Dutch graphic art and Dutch creativity in general.

    I love my profession and I’m very happy to work in this field, from design to printing. My personality is highly determined to a costant grow; predisposed to front significant projects and skilled to manage the work on my own, with strong and tested experience, I have very good relational skills.

    Teresa Orazio
    Graphic designer and illustrator

  3. […] Monday zoekt een getalenteerde designer voor al hun grafische werkzaamheden. Het zal gaan om het maken van website designs, flyers en korte video […]

  4. My name is Shadi Shahine, born and raised in Lebanon. I’m a web designer and graphic designer in creative, useable and accessible flash multimedia. My focus is on usability, accessibility and W3C standard compliance. I also work with web design and print design on a regular basis.

  5. Silvia Fiorentino

    my name is Silvia Fiorentino, I am an italian student in Interior design and often i accept some jobs as graphic designer too. Now I live in Zaandam and I would like have some experiences in The Netherlands in this field.
    I use Photoshop CS3, Illustrator, Indesign, FireWorks, Flash and DreamWeaver.
    If you are interested contact me by email

    Silvia Fiorentino.

  6. AJ Alvarez

    Hello, My name is AJ, I am a graphic designer and artist. I have been working as a graphic designer for more than 12 years in the US and Spain, I am currently looking for a job as an illustrator, designer, or DPT. I am very creative person with a mind full a new ideas, I am open and patience to understand and listen to other.
    If you will like to heard more and review my CV please contact me at any time.
    I have been living in Amsterdam for about 6 month and my Dutch is on a basic level as I am studying at the moment.

  7. Greetings,

    We are a professional firm in Graphic design, we would love to be associated with your esteemed organisation in every aspects of work.

    H. Jayaraj

  8. hello art is my passion and im a graphic designer for 4 years now you can check my website.

  9. Hello ,
    my name is Natalia im 24 years graphic student from Poland,im already have licence of graphic desinger and now im on my master level studies ,im looking for a graphic job to start working :) in Amsterdam cuz im just moved there for half of year ,please contact me cuz want to send you my portfolio im also a musican and video flash artist you can see my stuff at my myspace

  10. Hi, i’m a multimedia designer & interactivity programmer. I am looking for free-lance or contract work in Amsterdam, i have lived here for 3 months. I’m british, speak English and read & speak a little dutch.

    Feel free to get in touch

    Will x

  11. Hello,
    my name is Leonard Francis Viado, a filipino. Now Im in Amsterdam for a vacation. But but if given a chance to work as a graphics designer i love too. I use Photoshop CS3, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash and DreamWeaver.
    I really love to work.

    Leonard Francis Viado.

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