NEWS > Support a good cause and get yourself an exclusive MoMo #7 ticket!

Support a good cause and get yourself an exclusive MoMo #7 ticket!

15 August 2008

A total of €1.510,- is collected with the auction. Bidding is now closed, but feel free to make a donation during the event.

As some of you might know Maarten Lens-FitzGereld (aka. @dutchcowboy), our dear friend and founding member of Mobile Monday Amsterdam, is fighting a battle against cancer. Maarten has done amazing work for Mobile Monday and now we want to do something in return.

As you all know tickets for Mobile Monday #7 are harder to come by these days then that phone Apple released some time ago. The first 300 tickets sold out in under 12 hours and the 80 extra ticket we released yesterday were gone within 24 minutes!

So this is the plan:
We’re going to auction 10 exclusive tickets for Mobile Monday #7 on A ticket grants you entrance to the event with a special treatment. At this moment we won’t reveal the treatment other than that you can be sure that people will know who you are after the event.

Now the most important part: We donate the revenue from these 10 tickets to the KWF Kankerbestrijding.

[UPDATE: The auction has closed]The auction has started as of today an ends on Friday 29th of August 12:00 o’clock!


You can place a bid on the tickets on a personal title, but we also want to encourage groups to place a bid. So: if you have a cool company, hvyes group, twitterclan, join up together and place a bid.

By winning one of the auctioned tickets, you are not only granting yourself access to a MoMo event which sold out faster than ever before, you also support a good cause which we think is the most important thing!

Best regards,
Mobile Monday Amsterdam

PS. Maarten has finished his last chemo treatment and is recovering now. He is doing relatively good at this moment. Please have a look on his blog and give him a shout when you feel like doing so!

PS. During the event you can make a donation to the KWF. So in case you already have an RSVP and don’t feel like making a bid on the special tickets, but still want to donate: please bring some change to the event.

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Comments (5)

  1. […] Read all about the auction at the Mobile Monday Blog […]

  2. Michael Straathof

    Good job guys, I’m with you!

  3. […] chemo and momo is back on. I wont be there but will have a part. And I will be watching…. The auction for the cancer fund they are doing is going well. An amount of 1.500 euro’s has been bid. Did you over bid anybody […]

  4. […] and didnt make as many videos. Highlights were following the dutch womens hockey at the Olympics, hearing that MoMo was doing a Auction for the dutch cancer fund and counting down the […]

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