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MoMo is looking for an event photographer

06 March 2008

Are you a student or otherwise aspiring photographer?

We are looking for a photographer for the Mobile Monday events. Someone who is skilled and eager to proof their event photography skills. We offer a great event to test your skills, full photo credits and exposure to build your business.
Are you interested or do you know anyone who will be?

Drop me a line via the comments or email: maarten at sign mobilista dot nl.

BTW the photo was found at Carpy┬┤s

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Comments (6)

  1. Marco Ophof

    Hi Maarten,

    Still looking for a Photographer? If yes….then I would like to shoot some nice MoMo pics on March 31st!

    Let me know…

  2. Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald

    We are!

    thanks for stepping up.


  3. I am just finishing my degree in Photography and would like to find work.

    I would like to find out more about your offer.



  4. Hi Maarten !

    It’s been a while since you placed your message, but who knows…

    I’m spending a lot of time covering a wide range of events, and I will let the picture show it :-)

    Let me know if you believe we can help each other.


    Ralph (in Amsterdam)

  5. Studied photography, Im available for Sports Photography, Travel, Animals etc..

    Thank you!


    Hello Maarten,

    I am interested in the job you have. I am a spanish photographer but I am living in Amsterdam. I have done events in Spain and now I am making some pictures for a Spanish paper.

    Kind regards,


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