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MoMo #11: How to get your seat

21 April 2009

On June 1st, 2009 Mobile Monday Amsterdam will celebrate their 2nd anniversary at MoMo #11. As mentioned before, we have some world class leaders on our program. Although the event remains free of entrance, there will be a partly different procedure regarding the registration.

Two ways to get your seat: RSVP
There will be two ways you can be at the event. As all ways there will be a possibility to RSVP for this event using Meetup. Keep an eye on your mailbox for an announcement. You will receive the announcement about the time and date of the release of the RSVPs when you are a member of our Meetup community (sign up if you want to become a member too). For next event we’ll have LESS places available via RSVP: only a 150 seats are freely available. The other seats will be divided in another way..

At MoMo #10 some people said that they were willing to pay for an event that would have three speakers as good as Gerd Leonhard. We don’t think that is a good idea. Mobile Monday Amsterdam organizes free events, and we like to keep it that way. Besides, there are other ways to make sure you get the interested people for an event. We came up with something we call the snowball – yes, a SNOWBALL on June 1st..

We’ll save quite a few seats for what we turned to call the snowball. The concept is easy: We approach a few people of who we think they add value to the event as a guest. We invite these people to suggest three others. In this way we hope to reach a high quality audience, of whom some might be introduced with Mobile Monday for a first time.

We are trying hard to improve our event. This way we hope to even further improve the quality of the event. Keep an eye on your mailbox for more information about the release of the RSVPs!

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Comments (11)

  1. Haha, snowball concept sounds great!

    After always reading all the Twitter hype, MOMO #10 was my first time! It was a great experience =)

    Although I’m new to MOMO, I’d love to be part of this ‘snowball’ process. I’ll definitely bring some interesting and driven people to the event!

    rock on!

  2. That’s an original way to fill up the audience. Not sure though this will reduce the number of no-shows in the end. Isn’t there a way to ask everyone to confirm a few days before the event to ensure they think twice about keeping the seat occupied or freeing it for someone else?

  3. Doet me denken aan de science fiction novelle ‘The snowball effect’ van Katherine MacLean. Daar loopt het overigens helemaal uit de hand :-)
    @Dirk Er blijven inderdaad veel pasjes liggen, maar ik heb de indruk dat er weinig mensen bij passen in De Rode Hoed. Misschien wordt in de capaciteit ingecalculeerd dat er een bepaald percentage niet op komt dagen.

  4. Love the snowball concept :) unfortunately I’ll be in Vietnam by that time…

  5. Marc Fonteijn

    @Wim the event is on Monday June 1st, no doubt about it :)

  6. Norberto Nesi

    The snowball idea is fun, but it does not resolve the problem and paradox: lots of no-shows & lots of frustrated people ‘couse they did not get a seat.

  7. Norberto Nesi

    Eureka.. here you have another idea to solve the problem… last minute seats!

  8. Jaap Verdenius

    Or get your money back when you show up ;-)

  9. het sneeuwbaleffect, ben benieuwd hoe het werkt in de praktijk.

  10. As a community for IT-pro’s, the NGN organizes about 2 events per month. To reduce the no-shows (and thus reduce the costs of unused catering/get more actual visitors) even on free events people need to agree on a fee when signing up if they don’t show up or cancel less than 24h before.

  11. Arjan Hofman

    Great idea,

    Where can I register to become one of the first snowdrops :)

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