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Introducing Julian Treasure

09 March 2011

Julian TreasureJulian Treasure (@juliantreasure) is the chairman at the Sound Agency and a two time TEDster (TED Talk 1 and TED Talk 2)! We invite Julian to share a bit more about himself and his upcoming talk with the #momoams audience.

1) If you could go to study again, what study would you chose? Why?
Music composition because in my head I am a genius film score composer.

2) What do you consider your biggest achievement?
My children, no contest. If you disallow that answer, then changing the way more than half a million people relate to sound through my TED talk.

3) What development do you expect to have the biggest impact on the mobile industry?
Intelligent voice input and output

4) What field do you think is the most inspiring with regard to the subject you’re going to talk about?
Sensory marketing, and in particular crossmodal effects

5) What question would you like to ask our audience after your talk?
Are you ready for the audio internet?

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