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11 June 2008

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During the previous Mobile Monday the audience had the opportunity to give their opinion via the backchannel or using their phone the oldskool way: via SMS. During the presentations we had various questions and theses for the crowd to vote on. In this post we share the results of the polls.

We’d like to say a big thank you to RoelandP from Slandr for hacking and coding the poll feature together. It all worked nicely with the backchannel and SMS answers.

1. Do you use Mobile Internet? (n=56)
Yes: 93%
No: 7%

2. Mobile Marketing is already an important communication channel (n=18)
Agree: 28%
Disagree 72%

3. Which URL would you use? (n=28) 7% 4% 89%

4. When will you make your first livecast? (n=18)
I already make livecasts: 39%
Soon: 44%
Never: 17%

5. Scanable logos are better than QR codes (n=10)
Agree: 80%
Disagree: 20%

6. What is the shortcoming of Mobile Marketing? (n=14)
Too few users: 43%
No content: 7%
Lack of initiative at the advertiserside: 50%

7. Blyk would work in The Netherlands (n=19)
Disagree: 32%
Agree: 68%

8. Banners only work on the web (n=14)
Agree: 29%
Disagree: 71%

9. The Asian market is a good predictor for Europe (n=16)
Agree: 19%
Disagree: 81%

10. Advertisements are nearing the end of their lifecycle (n=10)
Disagree: 20%
Agree: 80%

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Impression video Mobile Monday #6

09 June 2008
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